Why People Visit Sandy Deserts of Dubai

Why People Visit Sandy Deserts of Dubai

Dubai is a city of wonders. There is a Desert in the outskirts of Dubai and it takes 5 hours to reach it. The desert holds many beautiful things to be explored and experienced by tourists and travelers. Either Camel trekking Dubai or Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai, everyone enjoys their experience in the Desert.


We are going to talk about some of the reasons why people would want to visit the sandy deserts of Dubai.

Camel Trekking Dubai

Did you know that the Arabs used to travel on camels to reach far destinations?

Well, now you can experience this method right here in the Desert of Dubai.

Ride on these majestic creatures in the morning to explore the far stretched boundaries of the Desert.

While riding, you can witness the wildlife activity that occurs here. Furthermore,

you also have the option to go camel trekking Dubai in the evening as well. Therefore, in this way you can even enjoy the cool breeze of the evening as well as exploring the vast empty sky embedded with stars. Also known as star gazing.

Dune Bashing

Another great activity of the desert is dune bashing. This activity involves a professional driver and a luxurious Land Cruiser. The driver takes you on a high-speed chase on the highest sand dunes of the desert.

 Apart from that,

People always opt for this fun and thrilling activity when booking the Red Dunes Desert Safari tour packages. Besides, the thrill of these rides is very enjoyable and it makes you feel like you’re in pursuit of the highest sand dunes in the desert.

Furthermore, you can photograph yourselves on the highest dunes and create memories of your trip to Dubai desert.

 Apart from that, you are given a free opportunity to go sandboarding down the highest dune that you found. This is also another thrilling activity that feels similar to surfing in the ocean.

 Quad Bike

You can hop on these monstrous quad bikes and go racing on the dunes. You won’t need the assistance of any drivers as this activity can be done alone. Furthermore, quad bikes are also a great way to explore the desert.

 Another great reason for visiting the sandy dunes of the desert is its campsite.


After enjoying the thrilling and adventurous rides in the desert, you are escorted back to the campsite Arab hosts welcome you with warm hugs and present you with Arabic sweets as well as delicacies.

Once in the campsite, you can relax by watching the amazing performances of belly dancing, Tanura show as well as the fire show.


The campsite presents you with a scrumptious meal of BBQ and sweets to make your night more enjoyable in the company of professional artists.

 To sum it all up,

Desert Safari Dubai is a great tour for tourists to avail so that they can experience the beauty of the desert. Furthermore, they can avail thrilling rides as well.

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  1. camel ride is very exciting adventure in UAE . You can visit with you friends and family . its good for 9 to 10 year old children for entertainment. thanks you for writing a good content .

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